Terri Ray - President:  Terri is the owner of Double R Performance Horses and Don Ray Insurance Agency were she sells equine insurance and all other personal lines. Terri shows nationally and holds regional, national and world titles on her Friesian Walling. She is the current President of the FEA, was the past president of 8 years with the NEFHC, a past FHANA board member, former USEF rules committee member, former MHC board member & former VP of MQHA. She owns multiple breeds & rides multiple disciplines. Currently Terri is working with her young Friesian Thunder & you will see her & Wally performing with Friesians In Pink and you will see them at many New England events as well.

Jennifer Grady - Director:  Jen is the owner and trainer at Acorn Hill Farm in Whitefield, Maine. Jen and her husband Steve established their farm in 1980 and their two adult sons, Jamison and Jordan live on tracts of land from their farm. Jen owns and trains Friesian horses along with all other breeds of horses for the Show or Dressage ring, trail riding,and breaking out of young horses. Jen has owned and trained a vast number of great horses over the years and have learned much from these horses. She has received National, Regional and local championships in Dressage, Hunter Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Sport Horse, Trail and In Hand.  She currently owns a Friesian gelding, Rhoherrin (Fabe x Marrigjen) and a Morgan mare MEM McDreamy (Liberation First Star x MKS Just Cause), both of which she shows and trail rides. She has her NEHC judges card for Western and English and judges 4 to 6 shows annually through out Maine and New Hampshire. In her spare time she enjoys gardening.

Debbie  Thomas - Treasurer: Owns Fabled Friesians in Connecticut along with her husband Scott and currently owns two 1st premie ster mares, Tessa van de Batouwe and Esra v.d. Wijzend.  They also own Esra’s foal, Zander of Fabled Friesians by Thorben 466 who was born on their farm on Deb’s Birthday!  She is currently riding and training Esra and loves the rewarding challenge.  She enjoys riding in both Dressage and Pleasure shows and trail rides when she has the chance.  She also spends lots of time with their two wonderful dogs, Rayna and Tucker.  Deb currently rides on the Friesians in Pink drill team and has been involved in many organizations including NEFHC, FHANA, IFSHA, USEF, USDF and CDA.

Scott Thomas - Director: Owns Fabled Friesians along with his wife Debbie where they are importing, breeding and selling these magnificent animals. They currently own 3 Friesians at their farm and Scott rides their ster mare Tessa van de Batouwe and has shown in Pleasure Shows. Two of their previously owned Geldings, Hilbrand fan Fjildsicht and Klaas fan Synaeda, have won numerous IFSHA Grand National Championship and World Championship titles.  Klaas has also won many 1st place ribbons in costume classes as a Pegasus and Eagle wearing a 14-foot wingspan designed and built by Scott!  Scott plays an important role in the Friesians in Pink drill team as the ‘man of all trades’, making sure the team is ready to perform.  He is committed to fundraising for people in need.  He enjoys educating others on how great this breed is and the wonderful things they can do.  He has been involved in many organizations including FHANA, IFSHA, USEF and NEFHC holding positions on their board from 2006 – 2009.​

Jennifer Black Pomerleau - Director:  Jen feels very blessed to finally have her dream!  She owns a 5yr old friesian gelding, Donder BTF, who is the son of  Teade 392.  Jen purchased Donder when he was 3 months old from Black Thunder Friesians. To quote Jen..."He is my dream come true!  It only took 28 years to get him, but he was well worth the wait!!! He has brought so much happiness to my life! He is my kid and my life."  Jen and Donder are working on walk/trot under saddle and will be showing at pleasure and dressage shows this year.

Ricky Drew - Vice President: 
Rick owns his own weatherization/construction business, DnL Weatherization LLP. Rick has been announcing horse shows for over 25 years, and managing horse shows for about 15 years. He has never ridden a horse. Because of that fact, many people in the horse world refer to him as the horseless headman. Rick has managed and/or currently manages shows for many clubs: Friesian Events Association, American Saddlebred Association of Maine, Maine Quarter Horse Association, New Hampshire Quarter Horse Association, Maine Horse Association, Northeast Friesian Horse Club, and has his own show- the Maine Event- Maine State Championship Show. Beyond managing shows, Rick currently serves or has served on the boards of: FEA, MHA, MeQHA and ASAM. Rick comes from a family well-known for auto-racing in Maine and New England. Rick would say his passion is ‘horse power’. Rick is also passionate about the FEA’s dedication to giving back to the equine industry.

Klara van der Waal – Secretary: Klara is excited to be on the board of the FEA! She was born and raised in the Netherlands and became a fan of the Friesian horse at a young age at a farm in Friesland where she started riding. She moved to Maine in the early nineties and in 2005 she and her husband Bill imported their first Friesian mare Antje. It was with Antje that Klara became a part of the FEA’s team Friesians in Pink. Klara and Bill own a small farm in New Gloucester, Maine where they have several Friesians at their semi private riding and boarding barn. This picture was taken at the Maine Event past September and is of the new gelding Sjouke a 5 year old gelding at his first event. When Klara is not at the barn she is working as a preschool teacher in Falmouth Maine or enjoying time with horsey friends and family.

Mary Field – Director: Mary has been surrounded by horses since she was 6 years old. Her grandparents had a riding stable in Barrington, RI that she spent every school vacation since she was 8. She has owned a Morgan, grade horses, Appaloosas and now two registered Hackney ponies. She has been active in the Maine Horse Association, American Saddlebred Association of Maine, and is a key member of The Maine Event: Maine State Championship efforts. She recently retired from the active show scene. She has been concentrating on having fun driving her ponies and being secretary at horse shows. She enjoys meeting new people at the shows and likes helping people in all capacities.
Outside of horse shows, she substitute teaches grades K-8; having been a teacher for 38 years. She loves to sew and make quilts. She is now practicing on repurposing horse show ribbons that she has won.

Denise McCabe – Director: Denise is very proud to be a Director for the FEA Association and looks forward to serving on the board.  She spent her childhood summers at Havey's Day Camp from the age of 6 until she was 14 years old, where she learned how to ride and was introduced to the Morgan Horse.  As an eighth grade graduation present she received her first horse and named her Dream.  Later in life she owned a grade Morgans and three registered Morgans.  Over the years she continued to ride Morgans, winning championship awards in the Pleasure and Park Divisions, but her life-long dream was to ride a five-gaited American Saddlebred.  Several years later she had an opportunity to purchase a five-gaited horse out of Louisiana named Breezy Ayers.  Over the next fun-filled four years, she won top awards in the tristate area with Breezy.  In 1992, she stepped away from the show ring until 2005, when she went to the Equine Affaire and was introduced to the Friesian horse. She was invited to show The Mighty Quinn in 2005, and in 2006, rode Harem to win top awards on both horses.  In 2008, she fell in love with a beautiful two-year old palomino paint mare, Trudy, a/k/a Sheza Blonde Tramp.  They will be showing in the Ranch Horse Divisions this year.  Denise is looking forward to working with the FEA committee to help their continued efforts of providing help for the equine community when needed.  

Society Members: Cindi Spear, Andrea Macdonald, Cheryl St. Amour

​Denise McCabe

​Mary Field

​Jennifer Grady

Terri Ray

   Scott & Deb Thomas

          Ricky Drew

​Klara van der Waal

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